Nerve Repositioning in
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What Is Nerve Repositioning?

Nerve repositioning means the doctor moves a nerve to keep it from interfering with an oral surgery procedure. Surgeons sometimes perform nerve repositioning before placing a dental implant.

Surgeons most frequently target the inferior alveolar nerve because dental implant placement in the back of the lower jaw could damage it. The inferior alveolar nerve carries sensation from the lower lip and chin. This procedure moves the nerve bundle out of the way of the potential implant, allowing for optimal positioning of the implant.

Nerve repositioning is sometimes needed when there is an insufficient bone height at the desired implant site. You may have lower bone height due to gum disease or tooth loss.

Benefits of Nerve Repositioning

Here are two significant benefits of nerve repositioning:

No Interference With Implants
When the oral surgeon repositions your inferior alveolar nerve, you can receive a dental implant without complications.

No Sensation Lost
Moving the nerve keeps it from being compromised by the dental implant procedure. You are less likely to lose sensation in your chin and lower lip.

Are You a Good Candidate for Nerve Repositioning?

As part of the preparatory process, your oral surgeon will thoroughly examine you and your imaging results. Not everyone needs to have their nerve moved before implant placement.

Patients whose surgeons have told them they need nerve repositioning should know that this surgery is not without risks and is often considered a last resort. If your surgeon recommends this procedure, discuss the risks, including loss of sensation in the chin and lower lip.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nerve Repositioning

How do I know that I need nerve repositioning?

Your oral surgeon will thoroughly examine your jaws, mouth, and teeth. Medical imaging tests like CT scans provide detailed pictures of the inner structure of your mouth. If you should consider nerve repositioning, your surgeon will let you know.

How do I know that I need nerve repositioning?

Nerve repositioning is a major procedure. It involves making an incision in your cheek to expose the jawbone. You will also need a bone graft. While the surgery is well-tolerated primarily, you may have some lingering soreness and swelling. The swelling puts pressure on the relocated nerve, meaning that you may experience some numbness until it goes down.

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