Does Sedation Dentistry

Does Sedation Dentistry Really Work?

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Sedation dentistry is incredibly effective at helping nervous, anxious, or fearful patients relax during dental treatment or oral surgery. There are a variety of anesthesia and sedation options that you can discuss with your oral …

Oral Surgery for Dentures

Oral Surgery for Dentures


Dentures can often be fitted without any preparation or additional treatments, but in some cases, pre-prosthetic surgery is required to prepare a patient’s jawbone so a full or partial denture can be comfortably supported. If …

Close-up of Man Experiencing Jaw Pain

Is My TMJ Causing My Jaw Pain?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone’s lives in ways we would have thought unimaginable just a few months ago. Ubiquitous stress imposed upon all age groups by the stay-at-home orders has infiltrated every household. Parents …

Oral Surgeon Operation On Patient

What Is Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery?

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Franklin Lakes Living, Issue 1, Oct 2019 While the phrase “oral surgeon” is familiar, who we are and what we do is often blurred with other disciplines in medicine and dentistry. The American Dental Association …