Insurance Information

At Costello Oral Surgery Associates we make every effort to provide you with the finest care and the most convenient financial options. To accomplish this we work hand-in-hand with you to maximize your insurance reimbursement for covered procedures. If you have any questions, please ask our billing representatives. They are well-informed and will gladly assist you.
Tel: Maywood Phone Number 201-712-5556 ext. 505

Please provide your insurance information before your first office visit.

If you do not see your insurance carrier listed below, simply call us. We will verify your benefits.

  •  Aetna Dental 
  •  Access Dental
  •  Amacore
  •  Ameritas
  •  Assurant
  •  Benecare
  •  Careington
  •  Cigna Dental PPO
  •  Connection Dental
  •  DDS
  •  Delta Dental


  •  Dental Direct
  •  Dental Save
  •  Dentemax
  •  Dental Wellness
  • EmpireBCBS Dental
  •  Fortis
  •  GE Dental Wellness
  • GuardianDental PPO 
  • Horizon DOP/traditional
  •  Healthplex 
  •  Lincoln Financial


  •  MetLife
  •  New Millennium
  •  NE/SE Dental Save
  •  PHCS
  •  Principal Life
  •  QualCare
  •  Unicare
  •  United Concordia
  •  United H.C. Dental


COSA representatives are not responsible for your carrier’s determinations. In-network insurance carriers will finalize your balance according to your policy with them .  You can expect an estimated  patient responsibility to be collected at the time of your visit. You may receive a final request for additional payment many weeks after surgery IF your insurance carrier determines you have underpaid at the time of your appointment.  Your final balance will be provided by your carrier on the explanation of benefit (“eob”).  Please note, if coordination of benefits takes place,  more time will be needed to process your claim. Your final responsibility will be determined when the last carrier coordinates their payment with those that processed before them.


CareCredit CareCredit

Alert for Guardian PPO members effective 5-1-18. All PPO  oral surgery benefits are subject to review.

We have been advised by Guardian that their claims’ reviewers will decide IF YOUR CLAIM IS PAID WHEN THEY PROCESS YOUR CLAIM for ACTUAL SERVICES.

NJCOSA Billing personnel have NO part in this determination. Guardian PPO Members should be prepared to make FULL Payment at the time of service and await Guardian’s decision for reimbursement shown on the document entitled, “Explanation of Benefit” or “eob”.